So, you think you want to buy a farm?

If you thought the farm search itself was the hardest part, well…I’m sorry to say you’re wrong, dead wrong. With the inspection behind us, our only remaining concern is the loan. And I gotta tell ya, finding a loan for a farm is next to impossible – unless you have oodles and oodles of cashContinue reading “So, you think you want to buy a farm?”

Time for an update!?

When last we spoke, we were in the midst of making an offer on a smallish acreage in Charlottesville. There were a lot of great things about that place, and a lot of not-so-great things. Long story short, it was a foreclosure that has a….curious….history. There had been a fire in the basement, which wasContinue reading “Time for an update!?”

What’s in season in November? Turnips!

Fast-growing turnips thrive in cool temperatures; hot weather makes the leaves tough and the roots woody and bitter. Ample moisture and temperatures of 50° to 70°F encourage rapid grown and a high-quality crop. Enjoy the roots and tops either raw or cooked.[1] Thinking about growing turnips on your homestead? Planting Turnips thrive in well-drained, deeplyContinue reading “What’s in season in November? Turnips!”

What’s in Season in October? Pumpkins (of course)!

Pumpkins and squash are believed to have originated in the ancient Americas. These early pumpkins were not the traditional round orange upright Jack-O-Lantern fruit we think of today when you hear the word pumpkin. They were a crooked neck variety, which stored well. Archeologists have determined that variations of squash and pumpkins were cultivated alongContinue reading “What’s in Season in October? Pumpkins (of course)!”