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So much is going on…

We made an offer on a house in Charlottesville! Honestly, as a Hokie, I never, in a million years, thought I would be excited about living in Who-ville, but really – this place is going to be amazing. It’s a fixer-upper, and a foreclosure… Translation: Great deal, wonderful location, and all-around lucky find. Barring any catastrophes, we’re excited to close July/August! (I’ll share some pictures after our visit this weekend)

Our mama hen hatched a chick! With moving, worrying about moving chickens, and an 8-chicken massacre on Mother’s Day, were weren’t really planning on having any babies this summer. But our mama was determined – and lucky. I gave her a “what the heck” egg 2 days after the killing spree (which took out our two roosters), and thought there was no way she’d get that egg to hatch. So, last night Tripp said she was on the floor of the coop, instead of in her nesting box, and the egg was gone. I told him she’d probably “done away with it,” as she did last summer (twice). But when he went in today to close everyone in for the drive tomorrow, he heard a little cheeping and realized he’s scooped up a chick with Mama. That girl is tenacious! I can’t wait to meet the little one tomorrow after my hennies make their way down to good ole’ Virginny!

We’re staying with my dad right now, getting acclimated to our new “home,” and taking it easy. We left PA in a bit of a rush as my dear old kitty came down with a serious bladder/kidney infection that caused serious urination…”issues”… just as we put our sweet little home on the market. Fearing her lack of bladder control might turn into a complete basement remodel, we opted to pack up and hunker down here in VA. She got better quickly with antibiotics, and we sold the house the week after we got here! Now we’re just waiting to close on the PA house, and then the VA house.

We visited the Scottsville Farmer’s Market today! It has really grown since we went last summer – SO many new faces, and so much good, local food! Not all organic, but enough was, and for really good prices. I even got a hookup for some raw milk! It was a good day.

The kids are settling in but really missing their friends (as am I). We’re about 45 minutes from the new house, so it’s tricky figuring out where to “get involved.” I’m planning to sign them up for swim lessons at my first favorite place in Central VA, and we’re looking for a place to take horseback riding lessons. Since we all want a horse and pony ASAP, I figured they should learn how to take care of one – and ride! So excited.

Walnut Creek Park
Swimming Lessons in a lake @ Walnut Creek Park
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One thought on “Quick update!

  1. COngratulations! And welcome to central VA!

    We moved to the Charlottesville area this past March after much research and we are so very glad we did. So much sustainable going on in and around C’ville, you will have no trouble making new connections.

    We sold our home last month and are looking for our little piece of land.

    I will be looking forward to hearing more about your adventures as you settle in.

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