Sourdough 101

I am excited to gather women together for a new project! Study the Bible, help one another learn new skills, and serve God and our community, by Honoring God in Homemaking. Our first class is Sourdough 101 on February 24, 2022. Classes are free and open to women and girls age 16 and up {lapContinue reading “Sourdough 101”

“Pastor” isn’t in the Bible?

It was pointed out to me recently that the word “pastor” only appears once in some translations of the Bible. I was surprised to hear that, so I went on a hunt and this is what I found. I pray that it is edifying to you. {OvO} Pastor is the Latin translation of the word shepherd {like pasture..}Continue reading ““Pastor” isn’t in the Bible?”

Be prepared to lose some connections…

I’ve been a member of a google group / email list devoted to Old Time Music for about five years. The conversation is always about music, no politics, no religion. Until this week. One of the members, an outspoken President Trump hater, decided to tell us all how much she can’t wait till Trump isContinue reading “Be prepared to lose some connections…”

PCR-CT – Another angle that needs attention

I was recently inspired to reach out to my department of health to figure out the manufacturer(s) of the PCR Tests being used here in Virginia to determine a positive case of COVID-19. I’ve suspected all along that the incredibly numerous “cycles” required to determine positivity means we are magnifying and magnifying and magnifying soContinue reading “PCR-CT – Another angle that needs attention”