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I agree that things “appear” to be getting back to normal, but I can tell you, here in my neck of the woods, the Covidstan tyranny is NOT letting up. Things are especially bad for folks that don’t want to get the shot and want to keep their jobs, particularly at our local Church of Wokism, Washington & Lee University. Employees are bullied, shamed, and if they can’t come up with an approved reason to refuse it, are eventually coerced into submitting themselves to an experiment, all to keep their bennies. It’s disgusting.

I have my own theories about the origin of the virus, and I’m not saying it’s not real. And while the “vaccination” push might have started as a coordinated effort to get the .01% rich, the reaction, the fear/panic/tyranny, the hard-driving effort to jab a needle into every. single. person. on earth is not a bug, folks, it’s a feature.

What’s ID 2020 And Are You Ready To Be Impacted By It? – The Liberty Beacon, January 2, 2018

You want to get the shot, great, go for it. With so many willing subjects, it shouldn’t be hard to achieve “herd immunity” before summer, especially with the 24/7 propaganda campaign {and round-the-clock censorship} apparently necessary for a “100% effective vaccine,” right? If my family and I just lay low and stay away from you, we should all be good…right?

I worry this experimental gene therapy will be mandated for ALL school children by the fall and that Virginia/Rockbridge County will try to enforce the mandate on homeschool kids as soon as it becomes mandated for public school.

When you’re out there, seeing all those “fully vaccinated” people smiling and hugging and “getting on with their lives,” remember the families who have sacrificed their children to this. Good Christian families lying so their kid can get it before they’re 12. Moms getting it while pregnant.

My only, ultimate, God-given responsibility is to my children. I will defend them, come what may, to the ends of the earth. I can guarantee you that my husband and I will not give them our children. Period.

It took 5+ years to see the first side effects of the over-vax protocols put in place in 1985; this is only just beginning….

18 Connecticut teens hospitalized for heart problems after COVID vaccines, White House says young people should still get the shots – LifeSiteNews May 27, 2021


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