Be prepared to lose some connections…

I’ve been a member of a google group / email list devoted to Old Time Music for about five years. The conversation is always about music, no politics, no religion. Until this week. One of the members, an outspoken President Trump hater, decided to tell us all how much she can’t wait till Trump isContinue reading “Be prepared to lose some connections…”

PCR-CT – Another angle that needs attention

I was recently inspired to reach out to my department of health to figure out the manufacturer(s) of the PCR Tests being used here in Virginia to determine a positive case of COVID-19. I’ve suspected all along that the incredibly numerous “cycles” required to determine positivity means we are magnifying and magnifying and magnifying soContinue reading “PCR-CT – Another angle that needs attention”

Following up with Mr. Lyons

Below is a summary of the email response I got from Rockbridge County Board of Supervisors Dan Lyons, and my response to him. Mr. Lyons sent me the following information regarding the effectiveness of masks. I have linked to the articles with links as provided (or not) in his note to me. You will seeContinue reading “Following up with Mr. Lyons”

Trying to get answers…

This is a copy of an email I sent to my local elected official. In Rockbridge County we have an elected Board of Supervisors (there are 6 districts) and an appointed County Supervisor. I copied all of them (and Sheriff Steve Funkhouser) on this email. Please consider sending something like it to your local officials.Continue reading “Trying to get answers…”

Constitutional Sanctuary Counties in Virginia?

I’m still trying to figure out how to push back against Gov. Northam’s 2nd round of lockdown + mask mandates. I am concerned, given the Health Director’s comments about mandating a vaccine when one becomes available, that we must do something NOW to protect ourselves from this and future takings of personal liberty. Has thereContinue reading “Constitutional Sanctuary Counties in Virginia?”

Letter to the Editor

Editor, The News-Gazette: Why is Virginia still under a state of emergency? It is the state of emergency in Virginia that allows Governor Northam to mandate masks, social distancing, and crowd limits. But Virginia isn’t sick, SARS-COV2 isn’t as deadly as we feared and there is little evidence that masks are effective in stopping theContinue reading “Letter to the Editor”