About Us

Mission Statement

Owl Moon Farm builds community through agriculture by growing food and fiber
in harmony with the natural environment, offering farm-based educational opportunities for youth and adults, and using our farm as an entertainment
and cultural destination for our region.

It is our goal to develop an economically sustainable farmstead that fosters the farm-food-family connection through a homesteading school for kids and adults.

After many years of searching, we finally located our current property in Lexington, Virginia in 2014. It was a working from its construction, but from the 1950’s till we found it, it was a well-maintained country home. The pasture was cut for hay for many years so it does need a bit of restoration. Read about our sheep!

Our Homestead Philosophy:

  • We go beyond sustainability to improving the land we steward through holistic management.
  • All food is produced using Biodynamic and/or Organic methods.
  • All animals are raised naturally and slaughtered humanely.
  • We prefer heirloom fruit and vegetable varieties and heritage livestock breeds.

Our Education Philosophy:

  • Parents are a child’s best teacher.
  • The whole world is our “classroom.”
  • Students learn best through immersion – gardening, math, history, art, music…
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3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey,
    I received an email forwarded to the Bucks County Holistic Moms Network and wonder if you’re open to having someone participate who’s not doing much in the way of homesteading at this point, but LOVES everything about it and wants to move towards all things homesteading!
    I can’t make it tonight, we’re right between two family vacations and there’s no way I’ll be able to join you, but would be so honored to be a part of this in the very near future (although my husband might think I’ve gone insane…)
    Tammi Lyons
    Frenchtown, NJ

    1. Tammi – I’m so sorry I didn’t see your comment before now! But YES! Please come! Our next gathering might be a little far for you, but you’re welcome to come – we’ll be at Keystone Homebrew Supply in Montgomeryville, learning how to make HARD CIDER! We’ll be there from 6:30 -> ??. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d like, you can come to our November gathering, at my home in Doylestown. Check out our Facebook Group for more information: http://www.facebook.com/groups/304310179646373/

      I hope we see you soon!

  2. Everything about your mission statement is amazing and congruent with my life philosophy . . . but especially regarding education. As a former educator I completely agree with “Educators must follow the passion of the student, and TRUST that so-called “core requirements” will be met, explored, and mastered through experiential learning.”

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