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We thought and read and talked for a long time before deciding on the Old Time Scotch Collie for our farm dogs. Although they were a dime a dozen at the beginning of the twentieth century, the shift from family farming to industrial farming in the United States caused them to become nearly extinct. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of a handful of enthusiasts, the Scotch Collie is a rare/heritage breed that is making a comeback.

We chose the Scotch Collies because they are known to be:

  • Loyal companions to their people. I have read more than one story of a Scotch Collie waiting at a train station or walking thousands of miles to return to their owner.
  • Gentle and mindful of children. Both our breeder and another told me of their dogs’ tendency to get up and follow the children when they leave the parents’ sight. Lassie was a farm collie!
  • “Loose-eyed” when working sheep. They do not drive the herd hard, and will work the sheep only when asked. When they are not working, the Scotch Collies will not bother the stock the way some herding dogs can.

We purchased our pups in September of 2014, just weeks after moving to the farm. We wanted them home as soon as possible, to start to get to know us and our land and our other pets {2 dogs and 4 cats}. We chose to get two pups from the same litter – both males – because we thought they would be more effective as a team. We feel honored to have the pick male of the 2014 litter from Mountain Wave Farm in Blacksburg, Virginia, and hope to get both dogs on some sheep as soon as they are old enough to start training at six months. We look forward to using them to work our flock here at home and are eager to take them to herding trials, depending on their ability and willingness, of course.

Read more about McCaulay {sable and white} is ready to start a family! Please check him out on the Old Time Scotch Collie Association website.

The pups with big brother, Hickory. {9 weeks}
The pups with big brother, Hickory. {9 weeks}
Two boys in the snow :: 7 months
Two boys in the snow {7 months}
Kep {January 2020}
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One thought on “Farm Collies

  1. Hello I really like your website it goes in line with our family lifestyle it seems… we recently lost our border collie which we love so very much in September We are now currently thinking about trying to find a new puppy to add to our family My son is 10 and it’s just the three of us my husband and we have a form and my husband works on a large farm in Rappahannock County Virginia We’re not in any hurry but I like what you had said about the way your animals are not freaks so to speak on hurting and what not ! We don’t necessarily need a herding dog we just like the collie breed and we need a companion dog intelligent dog preferably I would like a crossbred Collie but they’re so hard to find only by luck We had a border collie cross and he was wonderful So I know this is a ramble but if you were interested in talking to me I’d appreciate it maybe we could get a puppy at some later date in the future if you plan on breeding a bitch my number is 540-683-5133 my name is Amy Christopher and also I went to Virginia Tech some years ago !

    Thank you and maybe I’ll talk to you soon !

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