It’s been a while, huh?

Hiya, folks! My sincerest apologies for keeping quiet for so long; it’s been a crazy few months. We got close, really close, to finding “the place,” but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. We thought we made a fair and reasonable offer; I honestly didn’t believe they could say no. But they did. And we countered, and they countered, and again and again… That all began the 2nd week of February and we’re technically still in negotiations at this moment – hoping they’ll reach out to us again.

Not the farm...yet?Not the farm…yet?

Meanwhile, we’re making plans to move. My father has offered us his home for the next year, while he works a job out of state, so we’ll be moving to Virginia by the end of the month. It’s a chance for us to get back to Virginia, where we belong, and if necessary, will allow us to continue our search from a more comfortable distance. Driving 6+ hours, both ways, every few weeks for the last year and a half has been exhausting, and it will be quite a relief to be close enough to see a place in the morning and then be home in time for lunch!

Of course it will be sad leaving our Pennsylvania friends, and starting over somewhere new, but I think the toughest part about the move is going to be the chickens. My plan is to put the chickens in a few dog kennels and then put the eggmobile on a flat-bed trailer and pull it all down there with the F-150. The question is whether we can do that with the tractor in the same trip…


333320_465270063502148_1525420921_oThat’s the tractor! {but not the truck}

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