Chomping at the bit…

You know when you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for something, something that takes a lot of preparation and planning, and you’ve been thinking, “I’ll only need 2-3 days to pack,” and then moving day is, like, tomorrow, and you’re still not packed? Ya, that’s how I’m feeling.

Seriously, with almost an entire summer gone by waiting for this big huge deal of a move to happen, and we’re 36 hours from go-time and I’m not finished packing. Knowing the kids won’t have a nap tomorrow, and probably not Friday either, I’m letting them snooze a little late. Which means I’m here on the couch, updating my blog theme {don’t you love it??}, making important decisions regarding the Ladies Homestead Gathering Facebook Policies {I hate that we have to have them, but, we do} and not packing. We packed a few boxes this morning, and we’re “pretty much done,” but there is enough still left to do that I should be doing that instead of this….

In other exciting news, we were able to bump the closing up to tomorrow afternoon, instead of Friday, so we’ll be spending the day in Lexington with the walkthrough, the refrigerator delivery {fingers crossed – the next available delivery date is the 19th!!!}, and then off to the attorney’s office at 3. We’ll come home, sleep a little, and then head back out there early Friday {it’s about an hour an a half from my dad’s, where we’ve been staying all summer} for the unpackers due to arrive at 9am. A quick little new home blessing and we’ll be frantically squeezing our lives into a sweet little house made just for us. If I don’t look forward to the stress and exhaustion coming my way this weekend how will I be able to appreciate the quiet and the peace and the love that is to come when it’s complete? {OvO}

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