Constitutional Sanctuary Counties in Virginia?

I’m still trying to figure out how to push back against Gov. Northam’s 2nd round of lockdown + mask mandates. I am concerned, given the Health Director’s comments about mandating a vaccine when one becomes available, that we must do something NOW to protect ourselves from this and future takings of personal liberty.

Has there been any discussion about following a model similar to the 2A Sanctuary push last year by establishing Constitutional Sanctuary Counties in Virginia? I am frustrated that our 2A brothers and sisters were so threatened by Gov. Northam and his leftist gun control agenda that they would {righteously} storm his office in Richmond, but have done NOTHING to stand up for our human right to bodily and familial autonomy as he attempts to force our children to wear masks, trample our right to religious freedom, and take control of our social lives all for a “disease” that has a 99% survival rate! 

According to the VA Constitution (Article 1, Section 3):
{The Virginia} government is, or ought to be, instituted for the common benefit, protection, and security of the people, nation, or community; of all the various modes and forms of government, that is best which is capable of producing the greatest degree of happiness and safety, and is most effectually secured against the danger of maladministration; and, whenever any government shall be found inadequate or contrary to these purposes, a majority of the community hath an indubitable, inalienable, and indefeasible right to reform, alter, or abolish it, in such manner as shall be judged most conducive to the public weal.

And in Article 1 Section 7:
That all power of suspending laws, or the execution of laws, by any authority, without consent of the representatives of the people, is injurious to their rights, and ought not to be exercised.

Are there any sheriffs or sheriffs deputies out there that might speak to this? Is there an effort underway to create Constitutional Sanctuary Counties in Virginia? If so, please direct me to that effort.


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