Homesteading Hack #2

I think of Homesteading Hacks as little tidbits of knowledge that can be used to make our homesteading experiences more enjoyable. Sometimes that means a hack saves us money, sometimes it saves us time, sometimes it does BOTH!

For instance, did you know Classico Pasta jars are Mason Jars?? Well, they are, and though you cannot re-seal them for canning with the Classico lids, you can use new lids/bands and process them just like any other jar! And, if you’re still to nervous to use them for canning, they make awesome storage for beans, rice and other dry goods. Plus, you can use the lids on any of your other Mason Jars for food storage/travel containers. So if you are buying pasta sauce from the grocery store, keep any eye out for Classico coupons and watch your weekly grocery store mailer and stock up! Think of it as buying pasta AND Mason Jars and the savings are even better!

nevermind the tacky temporary labels...

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2 thoughts on “Homesteading Hack #2

  1. Love it! I use these jars for everything too. Glad I’m not the only one using painters tape on my jars 🙂

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