First Priority

After an inspirational weekend, I’ve decided to start fleshing out our farm plans beginning with our first priority: Weddings and Corporate Events.

I’ve been collecting photos for a while, so today I put them in an online album. Here’s the link And here’s a preview:

In his book, You Can Farm, Joel Salatin suggests we begin putting our farm plans into action immediately. Start growing and selling rabbits now if you have space. Bake bread, sew something, make applesauce; whatever you can do, do it now. I am still trying to figure out our first move in the short term, while at the same time starting to work on the big picture.

Once we find a suitable location, assuming there is at least a barn, there are certain improvements we will need to make:

  1. Restroom(s)
  2. Coat Closet
  3. Wet Bar
  4. Storage Area for chairs, tables, linens
  5. Prep Kitchen

I am in the process of collecting information about rates for events. I have a very good friend in the  hospitality industry who has offered to help me get started. In the beginning, we plan to rent most of what we would need to host an event, and purchase things a little at a time which will enable us to provide everything necessary. Due to the unique challenges of decorating the space, there are a few things we’ll need to purchase. Curtains and lighting are on the top of that list.

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