Why is Virginia still under a state of emergency?

With 0-1 deaths related to COVID per day in the entire state, which seems like a pretty clear win, I’m still left wondering – what are we waiting for?

In the past few months, there has been an incredible amount of research and data collected to show, definitively, that Virginia (and the nation) are in great health, and that the continued panic regarding SARS-COV2 is unhelpful, and in fact, quite dangerous. We have never, ever, eradicated a virus like SARS-COV2 (or any other coronavirus, or any influenza virus) with vaccines, social distancing, or mask wearing, and to suggest that it is even possible to do so is simply anti-scientific. We have no idea what our population’s IFR is with annual influenza, for example, because we do not routinely test healthy people for the flu. So with nothing to compare SARS-COV2 to, every COV-positive test seems terrible – even though the overwhelming majority of people who test positive are non-symptomatic, ie, healthy.

We were told our strict lock-down measures were put in place to “flatten the curve” and to “slow the spread” in order to improve our hospitals, equipment and staffing. We were not trying to ELIMINATE the virus or to STOP the spread. Epidemiologists have long understood that herd immunity is required for a virus to die out. Unfortunately, due to the drawn-out lock-downs, we are 8 months into this and we still have a virus.

Thanks to science, we now have numerous successful treatment protocols and safe and effective medications that are improving the outcomes of most patients. In fact, we are seeing a better-than-99% survival rate in all patients except those 70 years and older, who, after age 72, have out-lived their average life expectancy in the United States. We simply aren’t seeing the firestorm of disease we were warned about in the now-debunked Imperial College study. With all this excellent news, why are we still mandating masks and limiting crowds?

We are as safe from SARS-COV2 as we are from SARS-COV1 and the annual cold or flu. We don’t mask school children for the flu – which they actually do spread to adults – and we don’t limit the number of people at outdoor gatherings for the flu.

This State of Emergency must end. Immediately. And we must return to normal. Not new normal. NORMAL.

This may come as a surprise to some of our neighbors, but it’s not just me saying so. I hope you’ll take the time to read The Great Barrington Declaration if you haven’t already. 

In addition to the CDC and VDH websites, I’ve also found this website to be very helpful in sifting through the data.

On the fence?

Creators Of Hope Rising, Revive Us To Host “Non-Essential” Outreach Event For Christian Voters. The live-streamed event will feature worship and influential guest speakers, including Dinesh D’Souza, Charlie Kirk, and Kirk Cameron

CHINO HILLS, Calif., Oct. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — From the creators of successful Faith outreach events such as Hope Rising and Revive Us, comes Non-Essential, a get-out-the-vote event for Christians ahead of the 2020 election.  

The event will take place at Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California, in front of a live audience of 2,500 people, and will be streamed on nonessential.live from 5:00 – 7:00 PM PST on Sunday, October 18, 2020. All speakers, musical guests, and audience attendees will be live, in person (not via video stream).

During the event, national faith leaders and panelists will explore and discuss the unique issues of 2020 in relation to faith and voting, such as COVID-19, national civil unrest, the sanctity of life, racial division, and more. Worship will be led by leading recording artist, and K-LOVE Male Artist of the Year, Danny Gokey. The ultimate goal is to encourage the more than forty million inactive Christian voters in the United States to participate in this year’s election.

“Through amazing worship, powerful guest speakers, and insightful casual discussions, Non-Essential is going to unite Christians together from around the entire country,” said Ryan Higgins, Co-Creator of Non-Essential and Founder of The Tempus Collaborative.

“Every election cycle, I’m both shocked and disappointed to learn how many Christians do not participate in our elections and it’s my hope that an event like this can make a historical difference,” Higgins continued. “In an era when attending church, worshiping, supporting our police forces, protecting the life of the unborn and so many of the Christian values we hold dear are being deemed non-essential, it’s time for the family of faith to stand and have our voices heard.”

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Letter to my pastor


Hey! It was good to see you, albeit briefly, at the Farmer’s Market this weekend. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up!

This is a note that has been on my heart for a long time. Actually, it’s been right at a month. I pray you’ll hear me out and not take offense when I say that we believe insisting on masks and encouraging social distancing due to COVID-19 is spreading false information and even propaganda.

  1. There is simply no science to support healthy person mask-wearing for the prevention of airborne infectious disease. Here’s a link to an article about Mask Facts
  2. There is simply no science to support the need for the prevention of this particular disease. (Many sources to follow.)

We know that children are not at risk of dying of COVID-19, nor do they contribute to the spreading of SARS-Cov2. We know that tweens, teens and young adults are at an increased risk of suicide due to social isolation, insecurity, and covid-related anxiety. We know that testing is guaranteed to find positives even in people (and fruit!) with ZERO virus (source more), meaning that 2020 deaths are up to 94% mis-attributed to Coronavirus, and that widespread testing is not only a terrible policy on the practical level, it is no longer recommended by CDC (source). I recently learned that the CDC has been tracking what it calls “Covid-Like Illness” (CLI) throughout 2020 and going back to November of 2019, and found that we are at the SAME levels today as we were in November 2019. Meaning either COVID-19 was around then and no one knew/cared, or it’s gone now (Page 7 for the CLI information).

We know that the government is fast-tracking a vaccine that is neither safe nor effective, and that it is likely to contain a bioflouresence material (eerily called Luciferace; I am not joking) which will allow people to be “tattooed” with a “mark” to prove they have received the vaccine. (source)

We believe this is a hoax, perpetuated as a way to control the US citizens. Maybe just to mess with the election, or maybe to force us to take the vaccine. Either way, our family is simply unwilling to engage with organizations or people that are unwilling to look behind the curtain. (Ephesians 5:11)

Our family was excited to join the XXXXX family for in-person services in July. We had been attending church from home all summer, at XXXXX and at XXXXX (my mom’s home church), but were really craving that community engagement that can only happen when we gather together.

 We recognize that things are weird post-covid, and that you and the church, especially meeting in XXXXX, may be held to a higher level of scrutiny than some churches in our community. We know the temperature around the US is rising, which might make wide open gatherings risky. We’re seeing riots raging all around the country, which are not only condoned, but are in fact celebrated by the media and political elites. Casinos and shopping malls are open, but many churches are forced to remain closed, or have willingly refused to re-open. Courageous pastors like John MacArthur, Ken Graves, and Rob McCoy are being fined and threatened with lawsuits and jail time – for exercising their right (and duty) to open their doors to their congregations.

At first we were willing to say, Pastor XXXXX is doing what is best for the congregation, he is protecting the least vulnerable. Isn’t that what Jesus would want us to do? If some people are nervous about coming to church because some people aren’t wearing masks, it makes sense for him to send a note begging people to wear their masks and practice social distancing. So we stopped attending services because we didn’t want to be a stumbling block for others.

But the masks are a lie. The risk of this disease is overblown. The tyranny that Americans have willingly endured (even welcomed) is shocking. And by engaging in this charade, you are spreading the lie.

I’ve heard the Romans 13 argument plenty of times this year, summarized as “God put our rulers in place and we are called to obey.” However, to borrow from John MacArthur, “while civil government is invested with divine authority to rule the state, neither [Romans 13 nor 1 Peter 2] grants civic rulers jurisdiction over the church. …God has not granted civic rulers authority over the doctrine, practice, or polity of the church.” (full letter) We the People are the civic rulers in the United States of America. The Constitution is in place under our consent.

As a newbie in the congregation, I do not know the administration hierarchy of XXXXX Church. I know not owning your building puts you at a significant disadvantage. But those things should not be enough to stop you from serving the church, the body of Christ, with a vision for the Kingdom first and foremost in your mind. 

Regardless of where you stand on the COVID-19 “issue,” your alarm bells should have been screaming when your state mandated that churches be closed. Ever. But especially over Easter. Then into May, and June..? Throughout the summer you have seen the media blow this out of proportion, ginning up fear and encouraging citizens to give up their liberties. 

YOU as the pastor could have insisted on in-person gatherings from the beginning. Once gathering was allowed again, you could have said “wear masks if you want, don’t wear ’em if you don’t want to.”

YOU as the pastor can find a new location if XXXXX requires heightened and erroneous restrictions on your church. You could meet outside at a park, or at someone’s farm where there is plenty of room for folks to distance if they want to, not to mention all the fresh air for virus-killing. 

And if anyone (leadership, elders, staff, long-time members) doesn’t want to come, they don’t have to.

With an eye to our eternal heavenly Kingdom, and the real, literal second-coming of Christ on earth, Christians are told to expect a falling away. We are called to jump into the refiner’s fire, to be willing to be uncomfortable, unpopular, even martyred! We are not called to go along to get along. We are not called to put up with tyranny. We are called to be discerning and when we find false teaching we are called to shout the Truth.

Getting kicked out of XXXXX or losing an elder or two is nothing compared to the risk of spreading falsehoods – especially within a community of people who are looking to you for guidance.

We want to attend a church with a pastor that is willing to take a stand. Are you that pastor?


First Farmer’s Market!

We are so excited to be a founding vendor of the Kerrs Creek Community Market! Our first market is THIS Saturday, May 30th, and we’d love to see you. Come by between 9 and 12 to meet us and some of our neighbors!

Hart Burn Farm
Corner of Rte. 60 and Fredericksburg Rd.
Lexington, VA

We will have yarn, roving and raw fleeces from our homegrown CVM/Romeldale Sheep.

Rose getting shorn in 2015
Rose and Flower fresh off the shears