In the Garden :: January

Our¬†raspberry patch was one of the many reasons we knew this place the THE place. But we’ve never had berries before, so before doing any pruning, Tripp and I started with a Google search… Here’s where we started: Remove last year’s canes, Narrow the row, Cut out the weaklings, Attach the canes to a trellis.Continue reading “In the Garden :: January”

Puppy Update :: 6 Months!

The puppies are 6 months old! They are just about as tall as our Golden Retriever and definitely¬†bigger than our 30-pound hound mix, much to his dismay. They play with both older dogs, and seem to be much more gentle with the Golden {she’s going to be 13 in April and can be a littleContinue reading “Puppy Update :: 6 Months!”